"Reflective. Caring. Sincere. Careful. Informed. These words come to mind when I think of people I've interviewed researching how campuses develop memorials that commemorate tragedy."
Mahauganee Shaw Bonds
2017–2018 SCUP Fellow, Educator and Researcher

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“Each tragic campus event is multilayered. The considerations and decisions that inform the design, location, and unveiling a memorial from a tragic event are complex.

What I find most intriguing is the process a campus uses to introduce their memorial plans to their community. My interviewees reflect deeply on what would be a meaningful and respectful representation of the person or events commemorated. How will their memorial express their care toward the family, friends, and descendants of deceased persons?

Campuses express a sincere and careful approach that demonstrates as much about the personalities of the people working on the memorials, as it does about the desire to not harm institutional reputation. And they recognize that in order to properly memorialize they must seek information from the impacted community, and from experts on the issues surrounding their campus tragedy.

I look forward to the challenge of capturing the essence of the work of these individuals and sharing my research with you in my final SCUP Fellow report December 2018.