Leadership Message

Robert E. Nalls
€‹SCUP Board Chair

Mike Moss
SCUP President

As we enter 2018, SCUP will be in the final year of our strategic plan. The current plan’s focus is on learning and professional development, community and constituencies, strategic alliances and new markets, and generating value by building capacities and supporting transformation. Throughout the upcoming year the deliverables from our investment in the current plan will be rolled out to our members, including:

  • A matured digital platform inclusive of a new SCUP web presence
  • An improved curriculum delivered through the Planning Institute courses
  • Targeted and relevant content to assist members in developing and implementing solutions
  • Significant improvements in SCUP’s IT ecosystem creating an improved member and volunteer experience

As we complete the implementation of the current plan, the SCUP Council will continue to mature our integrated planning process allowing for expanded programming and offerings through our planning academies, member community, face-to-face events and regional activities.

Beginning in October the SCUP Board of Directors will begin the planning process for our new strategic plan. The Board’s planning process will result in a new strategic plan that will be broadly engaging, expand the current boundaries and markets in which SCUP operates, and demonstrate the core values of integrated planning espoused by SCUP. The process will explore potential future states of higher education, the association world, and members’ individual and institutional needs and generate myriad opportunities for meeting the future. A limited number of these will be selected and formed into strategies that are attainable over the course of the planning horizon (2019-2024).

The SCUP Board’s planning journey is an inclusive process dependent on the voice of the member. SCUP will provide a number of opportunities for you to provide input into your professional needs and the planning requirements of your institution. I look forward to learning more from you as we begin this important task for our membership.

Thank you,
Robert E. Nalls
Chair, SCUP Board of Directors
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