2008 North Atlantic Regional Conference

"Campus Community World: New Initiatives, New Directions, New Relationships"

March 12–14, 2008
Yale and Quinnipiac Universities
New Haven, CT (USA)


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Conference Proceedings

(PL-01) Welcome to Yale: New Initiatives, New Directions, New Relationships
Bruce D. Alexander, Vice President, New Haven & State Affairs & Campus Development, Yale University; Laura A. Cruickshank, University Planner, Yale University; Michael J. Morand, Associate Vice President, Yale University

This session will provide a backdrop for two days of concurrent and plenary sessions dedicated to discussing Yale’s and its sister institutions strategic initiatives. Founded in 1701, Yale now has over 11,000 students, 12.5 million library volumes, operates annually on a budget of $1.96 billion and holds a financial endowment worth $22.5 billion. With its combined faculty and staff numbering over 11,500, Yale is New Haven’s largest employer. Yale is leading the way on sustainability, farm-to-table dining, world class arts and sciences supported by an extensive building and renovation program, scholarly and research initiatives with foreign countries, and cooperative programs with the City of New Haven for teaching, home ownership, economic development, and support of both essential and supplemental services.

(PL-02) Lunch and Plenary Session: New IDR’s: Initiatives, Directions, and Relationships Shaped by Changing Leadership
Sally A. Katz, Director, Trinity College; Lenell Kittlitz, Director/Facilities Planning & Board of Trustees, Connecticut Community Colleges; Alexandria Roe, Assistant Vice Chancellor/Planning & Technical Services, Connecticut State University System
External factors are rapidly driving change in higher education: globalization, shifting demographics, environmental awareness and technology are all common place topics. Initiating change at the local level the first step. Hear how three institutions in Connecticut are crafting unique responses: through alignments of leadership, industry alliances, and infrastructure adjustments to attract students, ensure that they graduate, and to keep them engaged as both productive citizens of Connecticut and part of an innovative global economy.

(PL-03) Plenary Session: The Rest of the Story: Four New Haven Institutions Discuss Their New Initiatives, New Relationships and New Directions
David Dauwalder, Provost & Senior Vice President, Academic & Student Affairs, University of New Haven; Dorsey Kendrick, President, Gateway Community College; Julia McNamara, President, Albertus Magnus College; Cheryl J. Norton, President, Southern Connecticut State University
Yes, New Haven is a college town. But this designation refers to much more than Yale University. The four academic institutions whose leaders sit on this panel define the points on the City’s collegiate star. With campuses not more than three miles from where we now sit, Southern Connecticut State University, Gateway Community College, Albertus Magnus College and the University of New Haven, in their unique way, each demonstrates stunning examples of today’s conference theme. In this plenary session, our institutional leaders will give a brief overview of the new initiatives and directions planned or undertaken on their campuses, followed by responses to questions from the convener and the audience.

(PL-04) Lunch and Plenary Session: Prototyping New Ideas: How do you Manage Change?
Cathy Edgerly, Principal/Owner, A Consulting Practice; James Marsden, Strategic Change Management, Hewlett Packard and The Presencing Institute, MIT
We face a time of unprecedented economic, social, environmental, and political challenges. Whether locally or globally, it is not enough to build on past successes. For those involved with emerging initiatives, we will address the challenge of bringing new visions to reality. We will share results from Hewlett Packard,the Presencing Institute at MIT and a recent survey of campus initiatives. Participants will learn steps for successful change and the art of prototyping.

(CC-01) Mission-Mindedness and Multi-Functionality in Centers for Campus and Student Life
Carol J. Burns, Principal, Taylor & Burns Architects; Patricia M. Byrne, Vice President/Administration & Planning, Wellesley College; Joan Goodrich, Vice President/Planning & Special Programs, Bennington College; Mack Scogin, Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects
Campus centers support increasing diversity of student life activities and foster social learning and experiential education. Their program of multiple uses—typically accommodated within limited project budgets and building footprints—can create competing functional demands requiring dedicated uses as well as flexible or multifunctional spaces. Similarly, competing expectations regarding a school's identity, embodied in its traditional campus buildings and spaces, requires negotiation and fresh interpretation to create a renewed statement of institutional mission. Successful lessons are drawn from two schools.


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