Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference 2006

Have It Your Way:
Diverse Responses to Societal Change

April 2–4, 2006
Jefferson Hotel
Richmond, VA (USA)

Higher education is not immune to the changing forces of society. Today, provocative demographic, economic, political, environmental, and technological Richmond, Virginia skylineissues are striking at the heart of our institutional missions. Education is a world market and even the very nature of our understanding of human learning is being challenged. Take this opportunity to share with your colleagues your institution's responses to these transformative societal forces. As planners in higher education, are we proactive drivers or reactive spectators with regard to these changes?

By sharing your experiences, initiatives, ideas and questions, we can find common ground amongst our institutional diversity. We can also explore our unique responses in providing education within the larger environment of higher education. The issues are global but our responses are uniquely local. The conference will be organized to maximize dialogue, allowing us all to "have it our way" in finding valuable insights to support our integrated academic, physical and financial planning efforts.

An excellent resource for specific topics that will be of interest to planners attending this conference can be found in Trends to Watch in Higher Education, available on the SCUP web site. Some examples of these include:

  • Student recruitment and retention, especially minority and foreign-enrolled.
  • Access to higher education including the pressure on two-year and community colleges to absorb more students.
  • Flexible education alternatives to satisfy the needs of students with families, continuing education, etc.
  • Increases in on-line learning and its effect on traditional educational suppliers.
  • Increasing costs of a college degree and its relationship to funding-raising priorities and strategies.
  • Higher energy costs and impact on space utilization, capital expansion plans, commuting students, etc.
  • Continuing decreases in federal and state funds for higher education accompanied by increased scrutiny and demands for performance measurement/assessment.
  • Sustainable design and environmental awareness.
  • Ever-increasing flexibility and integration of technology into every facet of higher education and the accompanying planning, funding and security needs.
  • Opening of "branch" campuses around the world by major universities as well as increasing quantity and quality of global higher education competition.
  • Integration of the latest information on human learning into pedagogy and instructional space design.

Conveners Needed

Session conveners assist the presenters during their presentations and facilitate the smooth running of their session. They serve an important role and contribute to the quality of the educational sessions and the overall success of the conference. Conveners are listed in the final conference program beneath the session they convene. If you would like to convene a session, please use the link below.

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Beth Ring

WDG Architecture

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