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You bring innovative ideas and pioneering solutions forward through the SCUP Fellows Program.  

Launch A Planning Leader!

Thank you! Your contribution makes the SCUP Fellows Program possible. This is SCUP’s initiative to recognize and develop leaders who will build the body of higher education planning knowledge.

During the course of their fellowship year, SCUP Fellows research a planning initiative of their choice, and they share the outcomes and lessons from their research with SCUP’s constituency at the conclusion of their fellowship.

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Performance for Higher Education was the research topic selected by SCUP Fellow Nicolas de Salaberry, Director of Planning and Development at Ryerson University. P3 procurement models for built infrastructure have been applied to a diverse range of higher learning projects. Nic’s research was to better understand P3 models and learn how they have performed, and generate useful lessons for how P3 models can be applied with desired outcomes. His final research paper will be shared here in late May. SCUP Fellow research covers a diversity of planning knowledge.

SCUP Fellows for 2017–18

Mahauganee Shaw Bonds educator and researcher, will present the results of her research at SCUP Annual Conference in Nashville this July. Her compelling research project is titled: Institutional Decisions of How to Carry On After a Campus Tragedy: An Examination of Campus-Based Memorials Structures and Commemorative Spaces.

Diane R. Dean, Associate Professor of Higher Education Administration and Policy at Illinois State University
will begin her research project Approaches to Strategic Academic Planning in 2018. 

SCUP Fellows for 2018-19

Our newest SCUP Fellows will be announced in May, 2018. 

Our thanks to the members of the 2018‐19 SCUP Fellow selection team. Members include: Salvador Aceves, Ivan Banks, Lynne Crosby, Lisa Guion Jones, Jillian Kavanagh, John Kilmarx, David McIntyre, Julie Morrison, John Muckler, and Nancy Sturm.

"Reflective. Caring. Sincere. Careful. Informed. These words come to mind when I think of people I've interviewed researching how campuses develop memorials that commemorate tragedy."
Read about her journey.
Mahauganee Shaw Bonds
2017–2018 SCUP Fellow, Educator and Researcher

We're in! We gave to the SCUP Annual Fund!

SCUP Annual Conference Program Committee
SCUP 2018 Annual Conference Program Committee top L-R: Mark Valenti, Sal Aceves (chair), Susan Allen; botton L-0R: John Kilmarx, Jennifer Adams-Peffer, Robin Dasher-Alston

Why I Gave

SCUP's Philanthropic Arm

The team that manages the Annual Fund is SCUP's Advancement Committee, dedicated to helping higher education leaders unleash innovative and enterprising solutions through their development and fundraising efforts. Our committee chair, Adam Wyatt, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Augusta University, was one of our inaugural SCUP Fellows.

"As we look to the future, we will continue to build your support and identify new programs that have value for our membership and the society. We will create a culture of philanthropic giving to help SCUP flourish and stay at the forefront of higher education planning."

Dan Kenney 
Principal, Page, and SCUP Advancement Committee Chair, 2013-16

Learn more about our finances, SCUP Fellows, and generous contributors in our 2016 Annual Fund Report

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Make a contribution online anytime. For our contributors in the US, your contribution is tax deductible as SCUP and the Annual Fund is a 501(c)(3) with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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Our 2017-2018 contributors *(January 2017 through September 2018)

Thank you! You are building the next generation of higher education planners. 

* Our giving recognition period is longer this term as we move from a January-December giving term to an October-September term. 

Legacy ($10,000+)

  • Ken N. Higa, The Beck Group
  • Robert and Priscilla Joy
  • Michael H. Hites, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Daniel R. Kenney, Page
  • David L. McIntyre, VHB

Sustainers (Groups or individuals who have pledged $1,000 a year for four years)

  • Mackey Mitchell Architects
    In Memory Of Eugene J. Mackey III, FAIA

President's Circle (Annual Contribution $1,000+)

  • Michael H. Hites | Southern Methodist University
  • Tim M. Stevens, Principal SCB
  • Lisa Guion Jones
  • John A. Ruffo | WRNS Studio
  • Daniel R. Kenney | Page
  • David L. McIntyre | VHB
  • Larry J. Gleason
  • Robert and Priscilla Joy
  • Blake Shelton

Benefactors (Annual Contribution $250-$999)

  • Michael D. Moss | Society for College and University Planning
  • Kathy Benton | Society for College and University Planning
  • Paul A. Pusecker | St Mary's College of Maryland
  • JoEllen Baldwin | Comprehensive Facilities Planning, Inc.
  • Ken N. Higa | The Beck Group
  • JE Dunn Construction
  • Claire L. Turcotte
  • James B Young and Elizabeth A. Wight
  • John L. Fogarty | Stony Brook University
  • Burcin Moehring | INTEGRUS Architecture
  • Robert Brodnick
  • Adam Wyatt
  • Nicholas R. Santilli
  • John Long | Perkins+Will
  • Robert E. Nalls
  • JoEllen Baldwin

Opportunity Builders (Annual Contribution Up to-$249)

  • Wayne N. Bottomley | California Institute of Technology
  • Ryan & Stephanie Henyard
  • David E. Hollowell | University of Delaware
  • Joan Racki | Board of Regents, State of Iowa
  • Jay V. Kahn | Keene State College
  • JoEllen Baldwin
  • Patrick C. Harrington | Bora Architects
  • Anonymous
  • Lily Berrios | Sizemore Group, LLC
  • In Honor Of Ray Haas
  • Sharon Graganta | Society for College and University Planning
  • John N. Kilmarx | Indiana University of Pennsylvania-Main Campus
  • Karen Verhey
  • Beth Foster
  • Martha Marotta
  • Anonymous
  • Ellen Stanton Milstone
  • Jesse Antunes
  • Diane S. Stephens
  • Larry Goldstein | Campus Strategies, LLC
  • In memory of our friend, Eugene J. Mackey III, founder, Mackey Mitchell Architects
  • John O. White
  • Susan C. Allen | Georgia College & State University
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • Hennebery Eddy Architects
  • In Memory of Cynthia Holt by Jennifer Pearce Aldrich, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Anonymous
  • Robin Dasher-Alston
  • Ginelle Lang
  • Nick Hodges
  • Lilian Asperin
  • Ivan Banks
  • Nancy Sturm
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • Lynn Akey
  • Salvador Aceves
  • Nancy Tierney
  • Persis C. Rickes
  • Elsa V. Pena | University of West Georgia
  • Howard S. Wertheimer | Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Danuta A. Nitecki
  • Charles Thompson
  • Teri Gyde
  • Sarah L. Cantrell
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • Stephanie M Henyard
  • Beth Smith
  • Beverly G. Barrington
  • Jack E. Nye
  • Michelle Elaine Alvarez
  • Mark S. Valenti | The Sextant Group, Inc.
  • Leslie W. Louden | HDR, Inc.
  • Krisan Osterby | DLR Group
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • Andrea Lex
  • Nitsch Engineering
  • Sue Henderson
  • Shirley Dugdale | Dugdale Strategy, LLC
  • Woody Giles | TSW
  • Chris E. Whitney | Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
  • In Memory Of Cynthia Holt
  • Jacqueline El-Sayed
  • Minakshi Mani Amundsen
  • Charles Piper
  • John N. Kilmarx
  • Alexandria Roe
  • Richard Straka
  • Wayne N. Bottomley
  • Larry Goldstein
  • Jillian Kavanagh
  • Lynne Crosby

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